Stage 1 Parent Connect Session Recap

On Friday May 17 the St Columba Parents and Friends Committee hosted the Stage 1 Parent Connect Seminar. Stage 1 Co-ordinator, Sarah Jones, presented on key topics such as the new report format, current issues faced by children in reading and writing, four areas of reading and how parents can help their children.

This new format has been rolled out to parents of students in Kindergarten and Year 1.

We would sincerely appreciate any feedback Stage 1 parents may have on the Progressive Reports and we ask that you share your feedback here

Building Learning Partnerships

Parent engagement in learning is known to lead to improved outcomes for students of all ages.

Progressive Reporting: Intent

  • Allows for regular communication between the parent, teacher and student and provides meaningful information about individual achievement and learning growth.
  • Provides feedback to “reduce the gap between current understandings, performance, and a goal”.
  • Involves you in the process of helping your child achieve new learning goals.

Focus Area: Literacy & Numeracy

A strong foundation in literacy and numeracy is vital for every child and young person and underpins their ability to engage in education, reach their potential, and to participate fully in the community.


  • Quantifying Numbers
  • Additive Strategies/ Multiplicative Strategies
  • Factual Knowledge


  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing

How you can assist at home

Feedback Cycle

  • Our intent is that you will receive this style of progressive report with specific learning goals and suggested home activities once a semester. We aim to report on progress in Terms 1 and 3, with Semester Reports which cover all KLAs being sent home in Term 2 and 4.
  • We intend to send the same reports home twice a year to allow comparison and track growth in your child.

Your feedback matters

As this is a trial phase, we strongly encourage your feedback on the new format for Progressive Reporting, and you can do so here

Sarah Jones, Stage 1 Coordinator
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