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Stage 2 Dance Showcase 2023 Information

The Stage 2 Dance Showcase (Years 3 to 4 Program) will take place on Thursday 25 May (Week 5, Term 2) from 5:30pm to 6:00pm (theatre doors open from 5:00pm) in The Iona Performing Arts Theatre.

The 2023 Dance Showcases dive head first into Literary Classics. From classic children’s books like ‘Where’s Wally’ and ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ to young adult novels such as ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ and ‘Wonder’ through to some of the greats like ‘Great Expectations and ‘The Great Gatsby’. When we think of the classics, we can’t go past Shakespeare, Roald Dahl and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Our four diverse shows offer a breath of fresh Eyre. They are going to be LITerary!

Participating in this event (in no particular order):

Curricular Dance Stream

Year Group/ClassDanceCostume
Year 3 Performing Arts Hour classes*Peter Pan by J. M. BarrieHouse Coloured Sport Uniform, bare feet, makeup optional, hair off face
Year 4 Performing Arts Hour classes*Harry Potter by J. K. RowlingHouse Coloured Sport Uniform, bare feet, makeup optional, hair off face

*All Year 3 and Year 4 students are encouraged but not required to accept this performance opportunity for Performing Arts Hour classes.

Co-curricular Dance Stream

Co-curricular GroupDanceCostume
Stage 2 Co-curricular DanceFantastic Mr Fox by Roald DahlPlain long-sleeved black shirt and plain black pants/tights, bare feet, girl’s hair in ballet bun straight back at the crown of the head with a bun net

Co-curricular+ Dance Stream

Co-curricular+ GroupDanceCostume
Grade 2 (Year 3) RAD Ballet studentsThe Neverending Story by Michael EndeLeotard (supplied), tutu skirts (supplied), ballet stockings, ballet shoes, hair in ballet bun straight back at the crown of the head with a bun net
Boys DanceTreasure Island by
Robert Louis Stevenson
Students to supply own: black short sleeve t-shirt, blue denim jeans (not too tight fitting so they have movement), bare feet.
Hair: neat/in character


We suggest Years 3 to 4 groups wear light stage makeup. This includes foundation, blush, mascara and red lipstick (apply lipstick after putting on costumes). Boys and Performing Arts Hour classes do not need to wear makeup if they do not wish to.

Costumes and Hair

Students will need to provide a few items as listed above. Dance blacks can be purchased from Kmart, Target, Best and Less, Big W or the like. Please ensure that your child has skin colour or light-coloured underwear underneath their costumes. Your child needs to arrive with their hair done (and hair-sprayed) on the night and wearing the correct underwear under their street clothes. Please ensure that all items of clothing and belongings are labelled. Students in more than one item will have assistance from teachers with changes of costume pieces.

Dress Rehearsal – Tuesday 23 May (Week 5, Term 2)

There will be a compulsory dress/technical rehearsal during the school day on Tuesday 23 May in The Iona Performing Arts Theatre. The dress/technical rehearsals are for students to practise dancing in costume and on stage. Students should have their hair done but no make-up.

Please see the costume requirements above to make sure your child is equipped with all personal costume pieces on this day. Performing Arts Hour students should arrive in their Sport Uniform with House Coloured shirt and can remain in this all day.

If there is any reason why your child cannot attend, please let the school know immediately. I ask for your continued commitment to rehearsals in the lead-up to the big shows.

Performance Arrival

Stage 2 performers need to arrive at the school canteen area by 4:45pm with their hair done and stage makeup applied (optional for Performing Arts Hour students). They will be collected by SCAS staff members and taken to their change rooms backstage.

If students are in more than one item, they should consider their costume pieces in this order:

Program Order:

  1. Grade 2 RAD Ballet
  2. Boys Dance
  3. Stage 2 Co-curricular Dance
  4. Performing Arts Hour

All dancers should arrive in warm, casual clothes with their correct stage underwear underneath (see the information listed above regarding costuming requirements). Students will need a small bag to place their own clothing in. Please ensure that all items of clothing and belongings are labelled. It is a good idea to bring bottled water (not glass) for during the show.

No parents are allowed backstage. Students will be supervised throughout the show and will be given assistance by teachers so that parents can remain inside the theatre and watch.

After the Performance Pick-up

Parents may collect their child at the canteen at the END of the show. Students and parents are requested to watch the entire show in support and respect of the performers. There will not be an interval.

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