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Stage 3 Dance Showcase 2022 Information

This year, the Stage 3 Dance Showcase (Years 5 and 6 Program) will take place on Thursday 9 June (Week 7, Term 2) from 5.15pm to 6.00pm (theatre doors open from 5.00pm) at The Iona Performing Arts Theatre. These times are for audience members, please read on for important information about the arrival of student performers.

Performances (in no particular order)

Curricular Dance Stream

Year 5 Performing Arts Hour classes* present:
Dance Around the World

Costume: Sports Uniform, bare feet, makeup optional, hair off face

Year 6 Performing Arts Hour classes* present:
Climate Dance

Costume: Sports Uniform, bare feet, makeup optional, hair off face

*All Year 5 and Year 6 students are encouraged but not required to accept this performance opportunity for Performing Arts Hour classes.

Co-curricular Dance Stream

Stage 3 Co-curricular Dance presents:
Looking Through the Mirror

Costume: Dance blacks (plain long-sleeved black shirt and plain black pants/tights), bare feet
Hair: Slick low ponytail

Co-curricular+ Dance Stream

Year 5 RAD Ballet students present:
Grade 4 Ballet exercises

Costume: RAD uniform
Hair: Slick low bun

Primary Touring Dancers present:
The Red Tree

Costume: Jeggings, white T-shirt and red socks (all supplied) and neutral coloured underwear

NEW Dress Rehearsals – Tuesday 7 June (Week 7, Term 2)

There will be a compulsory dress/technical rehearsal during Week 7 dance classes. These will take place in the Iona Theatre of the Performing Arts Centre. The dress/technical rehearsals are for students to practise dancing in costume and on stage. Students should have their hair done but no make-up. Please see the costume requirements below to make sure your child is equipped with all personal costume pieces on this day.

Stage 3 Dance Showcase Rehearsal Day: Tuesday 7 June

All students performing in the Stage 3 Dance Showcase will be required to attend the dress rehearsal on Tuesday 7 June during Periods 1 and 2.


We suggest Primary dance students should wear foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blush and red lipstick (they may also wear eye-liner). Boys and Performing Arts Hour classes do not need to wear makeup if they do not wish to.

Costumes and Hair

Students will need to provide a few items as listed above. Dance blacks can be purchased from Kmart, Target, Best and Less, Big W or the like. Please ensure that your child has skin colour or light coloured underwear underneath their costumes. Your child needs to arrive with their hair done (and hair-sprayed) on the night and wearing the correct underwear under their street clothes.

Please ensure that all items of clothing and belongings are labelled. Students in more than one item will have assistance from teachers with changes of costume pieces.

Performance Arrival

Stage 3 performers need to arrive at the school canteen area by 4.30pm with their hair done and stage makeup applied (optional for Performing Arts Hour students). They will be collected by SCAS staff members and taken to their change rooms backstage.

All dancers should arrive in warm, casual clothes with their correct stage underwear underneath (see information on costuming requirements). Students will need a small bag to place their own clothing in. Please ensure that all items of clothing and belongings are labelled.

No parents are allowed backstage. Students will be supervised throughout the show and will be given assistance by teachers so that parents can remain inside the theatre and watch. It is a good idea to bring bottled water (not in glass) for during the show.

After the Performance Pick-up

Parents may collect their child at the canteen at the END of the show. Students and parents are requested to watch the entire show in support and respect for all performers. There will not be an interval.


Tickets are free with a limit of 4 tickets per person and are available through Eventbrite. Please note that the sale ends on 9 June 2022.

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