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Stay Safe

There have been lots of dark tunnels and very little light at the end of them so far this year.

We are told we can be optimistic in the face of the increasing vaccination numbers.

We are told that we can get back to some kind of normal soon.

Optimism is lovely but, as a school, we coat our optimism in a layer of care!

Our care has taken the form of:

  • Ensuring staff had the opportunity to get vaccinated ;
  • Gaining access to vaccinations for our students;
  • Limiting access to the school to lower the chance of infection;
  • Limiting activities that were identified as increasing risk;
  • Providing masks and sanitiser.

All these actions meet the requirement of the Level 3 Restrictions NSW Health have placed on schools.

Now, as the state “opens up” we will:

  • Constantly assess the risk of infection on campus by surveying our School community to see how well protected we are;
  • Use risk assessment instruments to ascertain if and how School events can go ahead;
  • Install air purifiers in those parts of the School where good ventilation is not available;
  • Do what we can to safely offer our Year 12 students the graduation/farewell they so richly deserve.

This way we hope to bring some certainty to the lives of our students in an uncertain world, model socially responsible behaviour and show that duty of care is not just a concept but a key part of our reality.

We are aware that there are members of our community who see some of our actions as an over-reaction but in the interest of our students and the wider community, we are willing to abide by the mantra:

Keep Safe!

If it means constantly wearing a mask, we will do it!

If it means some excursions and events do not go ahead, or go ahead in a limited form, so be it.

If that means a little longer traffic jam, we accept that as a cheap cost, if it keeps our students safe.

Every day, for every event, for every occasion, in every case we will put the safety of our students and staff at the head of our priority list.

We will accept medical advice.

We will comply with the law.

We will do what we can to keep our community safe.

If this approach irritates you, inconveniences you or makes you think we are behaving in a way you think is just plain stupid, please come and talk to me and I will consider your point of view.

One thing we will not allow, tolerate or accept is anyone in the community taking their irritation, anger or frustration out on any of our dedicated staff – in person, on the phone or across social media.

There are no excuses.

We see that kind of behaviour in the media and will not tolerate it in our school community.

A well-known mantra, “the customer is always right” was once regarded by retailers as good customer relations, but now many fear it has led to a culture in which consumers can freely subject shopworkers to verbal and physical abuse with impunity. Verbal abuse, threats and violence has intensified by almost 80 per cent in some suburbs of Sydney during the last financial year, according to data collected by the McKell Institute from Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

On the other hand,  “I think to myself, what a wonderful world….”

Terry Muldoon

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