Students get to see cutting edge UAVs used in rescue ops

Thomas Crundwell, Hugo Bittar and Matthew Bone accompanied Mr Guihot, Mr Lancaster & Mr Cuckson to the Launch of the Little Ripper UAV training program and a display of cutting edge UAVs (drones) used in rescue operations. Three Port Macquarie Lifesavers received their “wings” to fly UAVs as well as a number of others from throughout NSW. It was a world first, with a drone school starting up in Port Macquarie aiming to train drone pilots for the ever increasing demand of qualified UAV pilots. SCAS is excited about the opportunity for our students to potentially be included in the training and, as a qualified pilot, Mr Guihot is planning to be one of the first UAV pilot graduates. SCAS was invited to the event by Dr Paul Scully-Power AM who is Australia’s first astronaut and Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver (pictured below with our students).

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