Success at AICES Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to the following for their achievements and selection in the CIS team:

Jackson Roberts:
2nd Javelin 12s

Andrew Olsen:
3rd Long Jump 14s 
1st Javelin 14s
2nd Discus 14s 
1st Triple Jump 14s

Amy Clarke:
1st High Jump 15s

Tom Fletcher:
3rd 16s 3000m (1st in his age group)

Michael Vandoros:
1st shotput  13s
1st Discus 13s (GOT NEW AICES RECORD!)
1st Javelin 13s

Kera Mumford:
3rd 3000m 15-16s
1st 800m 16s
2nd 1500m 16s

Anneliese Cains:
1st 3000m 17-19s
2nd 800m 17s
1st 1500m 17s

Sam Whelan:
1st 200m 12s 
2nd 400m 12s

Tim Ebbs:
2nd high jump 15s

Justin Eggert:
3rd high jump 17s 

Laura Reynolds:
3rd 1500m 14s

Kiera Johnson:
2nd Shotput 15s

Jack Mills:
3rd 1500m 16s

All of these athletes have made the CIS team due to their placings. Congratulations to all that attended, the effort was outstanding! 

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