Success at the Secondary HRIS Swimming Carnival

Our team of swimmers from the Secondary School attended Lambton Pool in Newcastle on the 10th of March to compete at the Hunter Region of Independent Schools (HRIS) Division 1 Swimming Carnival meet. Good solid results were achieved in both the individual and relay team events. At the conclusion of the Carnival, the SCAS team achieved a 3rd overall placing in Division 1, which is our highest placing ever achieved at the event.

We are proud to announce that we had ten first place finishers, eighteen second place and thirteen third place finishes.

The ten first place finishers were:

  • Sian Gill – 12 Girls 50m Butterfly
  • Trent Alley – 13 Boys 50m Butterfly
  • Grace Curran – 15 Girls 50m Breastroke
  • Lily Barlow – 15 Girls 50m Backstroke, 15 Girls 50m Butterfly, 15 Girls 100m Freestyle
  • Carys Gill – 15m Girls 50m Freestyle
  • Michael Vandoros – 16m Boys 50m Freestyle
  • Lily Barlow, Carys Gill, Grace Curran, Lara Neilson – 15-16 Girls 200m Freestyle Relay
  • Lily Barlow, Carys Gill, Grace Curran, Lara Neilson – 15-16 Girls 200m Medley Relay

In addition, SCAS won three Age Champion team awards. Congratulations to:

  • 14 Year Boys – Ben Barlow, Henry Williams
  • 15 Years Girls – Lily Barlow, Carys Gill, Grace Curran
  • 16 Years Girls – Lara Neilson, Sarah King, Ashleigh Barlin

It was a highly successful carnival for SCAS, and we congratulate all of our athletes on their impressive efforts and sportsmanship.

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