Survey Information

Purpose of the survey

The purpose of completing the Perspectives: Your school in focus survey is to obtain your thoughts on our school and your experiences at the school. The information collected will help us to improve. The survey will be administered to the following stakeholder groups in our community:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • School leaders
  • Parents/guardians
  • Non-teaching staff
  • Board members [delete those not applicable]

All information collected will be anonymous and confidential. You will not be asked to supply any identifying details, and all raw data will be held in a survey database and analysed independently by AISNSW. Aggregate results for each stakeholder group will be reported. 

All school staff are invited to participate in the Perspectives: Your school in focus survey. Completion of the survey is considered consent to participate.

There is no direct risk involved in completing the survey.

The data collected will provide the school community with the information needed to identify our strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Questions regarding the Perspectives: Your school in focus surveys are welcome. Please contact the school’s Survey Liaison, Shannon Rosewood, if you have any questions or concerns.

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