The Green Waste Overhaul

Article by Finn Vicars, Year 3.

In the 2017 Year 3 Envirokidz program, we researched how much organic and inorganic waste we produced from our lunches we brought from home. We discovered that a good deal of it was compostable food waste that was going into the red bins.

This prompted us to want to implement a program to generate change at SCAS by reducing our environmental footprint. We gave a speech during assembly – organised by Mrs Ann-Kathrin Kiehn, for Year 3 to 6. It was presented by Meadow Jones, Katie Chambers and Janaye Singh, with the Google slides by Finn Vicars. We introduced the Green Bin and have seen quite dramatic reductions in the amount of compostable waste in the red bins. This is a good concept to take home too and teach others beyond our school. Fun fact: 40% of our waste in the red bin in Port Macquarie, could in fact go into a green bin!

Year 3 Envirokidz created, printed and laminated posters which were put around the school to remind children of doing the right thing. The presentation was also repeated for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 by the same cast. K-2 already collect their daily fruit scraps so it was not difficult for them to change their behaviour in the playground. Now they throw their green waste into a little green trolley that the children are responsible for emptying in the larger green bins.

Overall the program was a resounding success for Kindergarten to Year 6, and we look forward to keep composting our food waste. We have additional green bins arriving next year and will be challenging the Secondary School to be Green Bin aware as well.

And a sneak peek into next year’s program: The same, with recycling instead!

So, let’s Start Saving Earth From Ourselves!



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