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The ‘Momo Challenge’

It has been brought to our attention that some students at SCAS have learnt about the latest attempt by cyber predators to terrify children.

“Momo” is an evil-looking Manga-like character with contorted bird-like features who is said to have supernatural powers to possess and even kill children. In videos containing this character, children may be exposed to threats to themselves or loved ones if they don’t follow the instructions of this character.

Cyber predators are embedding videos in social media platforms such as WhatsApp and in Youtube clips. These clips have been found in otherwise innocuous videos which parents may initially believe to be safe containing beloved children’s characters.

Please be vigilant regarding your children’s online activity to avoid exposure to this and any future possible attempts to cause harm by cyber predators.

We recommend the use of internet filtering software, but please understand that this does not guarantee 100% protection, this must come from vigilant supervision by parents and caregivers.

The Sydney Morning Herald and Nine News websites have further information relating to the Momo Challenge.

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