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Volunteering at SCAS

St Columba welcomes and highly values the help of parents and others such as retirees, grandparents and friends who give their time and assistance to increase the opportunities to which our students have access. Our school’s volunteers are involved in a wide range of programs and services including coaching sporting teams, helping children in class activities and membership of parent groups such as the Parents and Friends Association.

Below are just some of the projects where we are looking for volunteers. All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Code of Conduct Declaration, which is available on the link here or can be collected from the School Front Reception. Please click on the link here for further general information on volunteering at SCAS.

If you would like to assist or would like more information, please email us at

Stage 1 Storysack Project – Storysacks enable parents to contribute in a significant way to their children’s literacy and provide a valuable resource to teachers. A Storysack is a large cloth bag containing a quality children’s picture book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities. To bring the book to life, soft toys of the main characters, artefacts relating to items in the story, a non-fiction element relating to the fiction theme and a game based on the book are included. A guide and prompt suggest ways of developing listening, reading and writing skills using the contents of the Storysack. Volunteers would be welcome to assist with this project.

School Canteen “The Lunchbox” – Our Canteen is always looking for volunteers, either regularly or just when you have time. Duties would include basic food preparation with guidance from the chef on duty or trained Lunchbox employees, serving students at Long and Short breaks, stocking fridges and freezers and occasionally assisting with clean up. Volunteers would need to adhere to all food safety guidelines.

Term 2 Secondary Drama Production – We are looking for volunteers to assist in Term 2 in finding and making costumes for the Drama production.

Term 4 School Musical – We would love some parent helpers to assist with the school musical scheduled for Term 4 this year. We need volunteers in Term 3 and 4 for everything from helping with costumes, hair and make-up through to supervising backstage during rehearsals and during the actual performances.

School Choirs – Our Choir Leader is looking for parent helpers to maintain the music library for our choirs, which would involve filing, stamping and scanning sheet music.

Friends of Music (FOMUS) – Our FOMUS group are always looking for extra hands. FOMUS is a group of parents and friends who share a love of music and want to provide support for the activities of the Music Program at SCAS. The Friends of Music assist in the organisation of music events, catering, publicity and fundraising to support musical activities. Each year they host An Evening of Fine Music and Food event in the School Chapel, featuring outstanding HSC soloists and small ensembles.

Secondary Society & Culture Research – We are always looking for volunteers to come in and meet with our Secondary Society and Culture students to allow them to practice their interviewing skills and research methodology, and also gain an understanding of the perspective of others. We would love volunteers who are of a different generation, have lived overseas for many years, or are from a different ethnic, religious or cultural background, or who have an interesting life story.

Vege Patch and Gardening – Our Primary vege patch kids are in the garden on Thursdays from 10.50am to 11.30am. We would love some parent helpers to assist students with their gardening gloves and also help them with an understanding of the planning and growing cycle.

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