From the Principal

We are cool!

Life at St Columba has begun for Term 2.

Today over 160 students are in attendance on campus at St Columba.

Each person attending the campus, staff and students, has had his/her temperature checked and all have been declared officially COOL!

Students are now in their learning spaces.

A few reminders:

  • Busways buses are running.
  • Before and After School Care services for St Columba students are operating and those parents who register will find that the service is now free.
  • We ask parents not to move beyond the front of the School (Kiss and Drop area or the Front Office) to limit the infection potential.
  • Full school will resume Week 3 unless there is a change in the local health environment.

“When directly asked whether children should return to school full-time, Mr Hazzard said he had seen no health research to suggest they should not send their children back to school five days a week if they wished to do so. ‘Certainly, from my point of view as Health Minister, I’d be delighted if parents choose to take their children back to school as soon as they feel comfortable.’ ”

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