From the Principal

Week 2 Post COVID-19 Shutdown

They are back! We have now completed our second week of “normal” school life.

Otis says he’s “Great”.
Sophie is “Really good”.
Charlie is “Excellent”.
Ben is “Good “(but needs another Library book).

Just some of the responses to “Good morning. How are you?”.

Mid-North Coast COVID case numbers are stable.

We still have temperature “guns” and sanitiser at the front of the school.

Students are finding that morning sleep-ins are shorter when you have to get dressed and get a bus before class, rather than just stumble out of bed in time for a Google-Meet.

Most of our absences are “precautionary” responses to colds and other “minor” symptoms. (Thank you!)

On-campus classes are starting to feel “normal.”

While life in Australia and across the world is far from normal, our bit of “back to business” at St Columba has been welcomed.

Our students and staff are back with smiles.

We are grateful to our parent community for their support during online learning, their awareness of our need to restrict adult access to the campus and their smiles as they pull away from kiss and drop.

We hope that our Co-curricular Program can restart later this term.

And we hope that all our School community will continue to stay safe and healthy while they learn.

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