Welcome Back to Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4. I trust that the recent Term Break provided our students with a chance to rest and recharge. It’s heartening to note that many of our students remained actively engaged in learning-related activities. A special acknowledgment goes to our HSC staff and students for their dedicated participation in the holiday revision classes. The HSC examinations commenced smoothly this week, and we extend our best wishes to all our students.

In our recent assembly, I shared our vision for students’ learning. We aim not only to foster academic excellence but also to cultivate Deep Learning, emphasising the complex competencies of the 6C’s that are essential for their future success. Our vision is well-defined, and we have a clear path towards its realisation. This includes a storing academic program of classroom learning and assessments, as well as the opportunity to develop student voice.

As an example, this term our Year 9 and 10 students will be undertaking examinations. Faculties are actively preparing our students with guided revision and study suggestions. Year 10 examinations are scheduled from Thursday, October 26th to Monday 30th, while Year 9 examinations will take place from November 3rd to 7th. These assessments offer valuable feedback, enabling students to enhance their academic learning and prepare for the next steps in their studies.

This will be complemented by every student in Year 7-10 presenting their learning stories. These will take place across the final weeks of the term and parents are invited to attend these presentations. These serve as a significant opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning, showcasing their academic progress and strengths in the 6C’s. By including their ability to respond to feedback from examinations and in-class assessments students will highlight their development as lifelong learners.

At St Columba, we are a learning community that extends beyond our students to include our dedicated staff. Our teachers engage in continuous learning, meeting fortnightly in professional learning teams, recently with a focus on how we can credential the 6C’s. Additionally, weekly staff and faculty meetings provide ongoing support and collaboration. Next Tuesday Scott Darlow will share insights into indigenous culture and appropriate teaching practices with our staff. He will then hold a special performance for our community as part of his Deadly Heart tour. We hope you and your family can join us for this in the amphitheatre from 6.00pm.

St Columba offers numerous opportunities for our community to foster a sense of belonging. Your involvement and support contribute significantly to our collective growth.

Mr Paul Rikmanis
Head of Secondary School

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