Welcome Matthew Arnott

Our new Manager of School Operations, Matthew Arnott, joins St Columba Anglican School after moving from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Prior to SCAS, Matthew taught Science at Toorak College and was also involved in school operations. Matthew has taught in schools in London and moved to Australia in 2008 to take up a teaching position at Barker College in Hornsby, NSW. In addition to being Manager of School Operations, Matthew will join our Science faculty as a Science and Chemistry teacher. 

The Media team sat down with Matthew at the start of Term 1 to ask him some hard-hitting questions. 

What are you looking forward to about 2022 at SCAS?I am looking forward to teaching both boys and girls again as well as being at the same school as our two children.
What was your favourite co-curricular activity as a student? As a student, I used to play a very archaic sport called Fives. It is like Squash, but you use your hands and a hard leather ball. I was fortunate to represent my school at nationals and then continued to play at University. Unfortunately, there is only one Fives court in Australia, at Geelong Grammar.
What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend in the Port Macquarie area?Being completely new to the area it has been great to get out and explore all of the wondrous natural surrounds. I think that our favourite thing would have to be the beaches. Our kids love being able to play in the surf. This was not as easily available to us when we lived in Victoria.
What was your latest good read?‘Let Them Eat Chaos’ by Kae Tempest
Tell us a fun fact about youI have to admit to being a bit of a collector with more watches, bikes and vintage razors than I can use at any one time.
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