Welcome Neroli Cousins – Primary Music Teacher

This year, we welcome Neroli Cousins to our Primary and Music faculty. Neroli, who may be a familiar face around the playground, has been working as a casual teacher at SCAS since 2021 and has taught every subject and year group. Prior to her career in education, Neroli taught dance and managed a successful dance studio in Melbourne. After completing a Masters in Teaching, Neroli taught at Epping Primary School in Victoria as a Performing Arts Specialist for five years before moving to Port Macquarie. 

The SCAS Media team met up with Neroli to learn more. 

What are you looking forward to about 2023 at SCAS? I am looking forward to teaching music and the performing arts and also getting into the grade 5 classroom with 5W. The most exciting thing is being able to get to know the students better and having consistency after being casual for so long.
What was your favourite co-curricular activity as a student?  Dance, dance, dance! And singing and of course, being onstage and doing all of those things. 
What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend? Go on adventures with my family. 
What was your latest good read?I read two novels during these holidays, which is a sign of a good holiday! My favourite, could not put down was: The Lost Flowers of Agnes Heart by Holly Ringland
Tell us a fun fact about youI don’t own a TV! Our piano takes pride of place in our living room.
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