Welcome Rachael Hutchen – Stage 2 Coordinator and Year 4 Teacher

This year, we welcome Rachael as our new Stage 2 Coordinator and Year 4 teacher. Rachael has spent a number of years teaching in Australia and overseas, including Pittwater House in Collaroy, Sydney, and Ascot International School in Bangkok, Thailand. Prior to joining us at SCAS, Rachael spent 14 years at Hunter Valley Grammar School, working in a variety of roles throughout her time including Head of Stage 3 and Head of Academic Care (Wellbeing). 

The SCAS Media team met up with Rachael to learn more.

What are you looking forward to about 2023 at SCAS? 2023 is an exciting year for the Hutchen family, with our youngest daughter, Macy, starting at SCAS in Kindergarten. As a mum, I am excited that our children will be taught in a school that shares the values of our family. As a leader and teacher, I am excited to collaborate with outstanding educators in developing and implementing teaching programs that get the best out of our learners. Through the lens of Deep Learning, I can’t wait to see our Stage 2 learners thrive in all the opportunities we have planned for them. 
What was your favourite co-curricular activity as a student?  Definitely netball! This was always an excellent way to burn some energy and play with friends who brought out the best in me.   
What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend? I love all things caravanning, country music and connection with friends. Now that we have moved to this beautiful part of the country, our family can’t wait to explore the hidden gems that surround Port Macquarie and the mid-north coast. 
What was your latest good read?Presence: Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges by Amy Cuddy.
Tell us a fun fact about youPeople often mistake me for Johanna Griggs, the famous swimmer and most recently a reporter on Better Homes and Gardens. Many moons ago, I posed for photos when people thought they’d met someone famous! 
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