Welcome to The Lunch Makers program for Years 3 to 6

Our Environmental and Sustainability lessons have kicked off for the Primary School this term with students across Years 3 to 6 delving deep into their lunchboxes. Did they make their lunch themselves? What might they eat? What would they potentially not eat and throw out? Many questions were raised and plenty of ideas generated about food waste. We learned some terrible facts that got us thinking:

Food Waste Facts
Every person wastes 300kg of food each year on average.
In Australia, students throw away:
? 3.5 million uneaten sandwiches
? 3 million pieces of whole fruit
? 1.3 million items of packaged foods

On average, 300kg of food is wasted per person per year in Australia. At about 25kg each, that is the combined weight of these 12 students!

We’ll be exploring how we can reduce food waste by empowering students to be more involved in preparing and making their own lunch. We hope this will reduce the amount of food they throw away or leave uneaten.

Our goal is to:

  • raise awareness about food waste and how it impacts the environment
  • cut food waste at school and at home
  • help families save money
  • empower students to take responsibility for their choices and actions around food and waste

Our school has teamed up with MidWaste and the NSW Government’s Love Food Hate Waste program to explore effective food waste reduction measures in NSW schools.

The Lunch Makers program is a great opportunity for our school to be involved in an innovative sustainability action while also helping our school families to save money. By cutting the amount of food wasted at school and at home, families could save up to $4000 a year!

Students have been set a challenge to make their own lunches during this program (if they are not doing it already). Keep an eye out for the inspirational ideas we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks and encourage your kids to get involved and have a go!

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