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Welcome Year 3!

Welcome Year 3

After hours of meticulous planning and careful classroom preparation by the Year 3 team of teachers, the day finally arrived when they had the opportunity to welcome the 10 new and 70 returning SCAS students to Year 3. The teachers’ excitement was matched by that of their students as introductions, prayer, focused breathing and mindset talks took place. Class groups were formed and students settled quickly and seamlessly into their new classroom environments. Routines were established, classes begun then the end of the first day arrived in a flash.

Mrs Gray, Mrs Erga, Mrs Bush and Mrs Hall would like to say a warm welcome to all of the students and their families in Year 3! We all look forward to the learning journey we are about to undertake this year!

Year 3 students are discovering that they can be attentive like the white-tailed deer, who keeps its eyes and ears forward and focused.

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