Wellness Week 2023

As parents and caregivers, ensuring the happiness, health, and resilience of our young people is one of our most important tasks. We understand the unique obstacles they face, from anxiety and depression to cyberbullying and self-harm. That’s why we have invested in a fantastic wellbeing resource called SchoolTV.

As parents, you have access to this invaluable resource, offering credible information and practical strategies. SchoolTV features expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quizzes, recommended apps, books, and more. It’s a comprehensive tool designed to support you in navigating the wellbeing of your child.

As part of Wellness Week this year, we have selected a blog post or resource to tie in with each day’s wellbeing theme so that you can continue learning at home with your family.


For the first day of Wellness Week, we focused on the theme ‘Be Aware,’ encouraging students to cultivate mindfulness and pay attention to their emotions, stress levels and reactions. Activities promoted gratitude, positive self-talk, relaxation and compassion. If you want to keep working on this theme at home, check out this blog post on fostering mindfulness in children and parents:


On day two of Wellness Week, we delved into the theme of ‘Keep Learning,’ encouraging our students to embrace an insatiable curiosity and a lifelong passion for knowledge. In today’s blog, discover how this quest for knowledge not only expands horizons but also nurtures courage and resilience, empowering young minds to conquer challenges:


Wednesday marked the halfway mark of our impactful Wellness Week program, and we dove into the theme of ‘Connect.’ It was all about encouraging our students to reach out and build meaningful relationships with friends, family, and like-minded individuals. Looking for practical advice on helping your children navigate friendships? Check out this insightful blog from SchoolTV:


For the fourth day of Wellness Week, our focus was the theme ‘Help Others.’ Our students were encouraged to embrace the power of giving: offering their time, assistance, attention, and love. We encouraged them to volunteer selflessly, extend a helping hand to those in need, and expect nothing in return. Discover the connection between helping others and unlocking a pathway to lifelong happiness in this blog from SchoolTV:


As we reached the final day of Wellness Week, we dedicated the day to the invigorating theme of ‘Be Active.’ Our aim is to inspire students to cultivate a daily habit of physical activity, fostering not just a healthy lifestyle but also a genuine joy in movement. Looking for expert insights on all things related to physical activity and exercise for your child? Dive into this comprehensive topic page from SchoolTV, where your questions will find answers from knowledgeable minds in the field:…/physical-activity-exercise

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