Wellness Week at SCAS

This week at SCAS we celebrated Wellness Week.

The week started with Mindfulness Monday, where staff and students were asked to “Take Notice”. This included being grateful and thankful, saying positive things to themselves and to others, and showing love and compassion.

Next we had Thoughtful Tuesday with “Random Acts of Kindness” being the theme for the day. We asked our staff and students to volunteer, give to those in need, give compliments and to give while expecting nothing in return.

Next came Wisdom Wednesday, where students were encouraged to “Keep Learning” and to develop an enthusiasm and awe of learning. During Long Break, an ‘Interest Expo’ was held, where staff and students could display a topic of their interest or a hobby they enjoy doing to their peers.

Thursday brought us Training Thursday, where we were encouraged to “Be Active” and have fun. Thursday also saw the much anticipated “Dance Off” take place in The Iona Sports Stadium, with students from all Year Groups performing, and Year 12 the ultimate winners on the day. The Secondary teaching staff also performed for the crowd to the delight of all those present!

Our last day of the week was Fun Friday, where students were asked to “Connect” by spending time with friends, family and people who share common interests. The Box Car Rally and Talent Show scheduled for Columba Day were also held this day, with many amazing tricks and talents being displayed and some competitive racing against other houses!


Dance Off playlist:

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