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What is Performing Arts Hour?

What do they do in Primary Performing Arts Hour at St Columba Anglican School?

“Creativity is simply the process of having original ideas that have value.”  – Sir Ken Robinson

The aim of Primary Performing Arts Hour at St Columba Anglican School is to develop and implement a strong framework and set of tools Primary teachers can use to design learning experiences for students that contributes to the best education in NSW and prepares your children for life beyond the classroom.

The vision of Primary Performing Arts Hour in the Primary School in 2019 is to design a deeper learning experience for students to develop their 21st century skills through creative and fictional settings that explore real concepts relevant to their world; concepts such as cultural diversity, empathy, globalisation, sustainability. 

With this in mind, the Primary Performing Arts Hour provides an inclusive classroom, where students of varying ability, skill and expertise in performing arts are able to access the outcomes through creative and collaborative play relating to the central concepts explored in each designed lesson.

At present, Secondary performing arts classrooms are delivered in separate artforms of Dance, Drama and Music Mandatory and Elective subjects. Primary Performing Arts Hour presents dance, drama and music in one multidisciplinary classroom setting, and on a wider scale provides students with transferable skills that connect cognitive understanding of curriculum subjects with physical embodiment and creative thinking. Students learn through being creators rather than passive consumers of knowledge. 

Participation and collaboration is key to the success of Performing Arts Hour. Each lesson is linked to classroom curriculum and is designed for sensory engagement. To provide an inclusive classroom, performance and composition activities are designed to allow students of all abilities to be able to achieve success through a range of collaborative activities. The lessons designed make it possible for students of little or no dance, music or drama experience to have as much success as those who have had the opportunity to have years of training in one or more of the subjects. The aim is to build collaborative skills, and allow students to create through experimentation and participation.

Mrs Isabella Mistry
Director of Performing Arts
St Columba Anglican School
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