What is the value of a Class of the Week?

Each fortnight our Primary staff award a Class of the Week Award to a Stage 1 and Primary class. A “mystery teacher” looks for the class that is being safe, responsible and respectful learners during the previous week. This includes behaviour in assembly, Chapel and classrooms. When chosen as Class of the Week, students will have an ENORMOUS trophy that they get to keep until the next assembly and also a special trip to the Iona Sports Centre or access to the Stage 1 playground equipment for their class only.

The emphasis on pro-social behaviour is an important focus in terms of our students’ ability to work collaboratively and cohesively with their class and teachers. Individuals must work within the context of the greater society. This is in keeping with the Wellbeing objectives at St Columba Anglican School:

  • Provide a caring community in a Christian context where each student feels valued and is able to make a worthwhile contribution
  • Nurture a sense of belonging to the school community and pride in the school
  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of individual differences
  • Promote self-discipline and social responsibility
  • Prepare students for the challenges of society
  • Foster quality relationships between staff and students
  • Establish strong, supportive relationships between parents and the school

Respect and manners are a part of what we expect children to exhibit each and every day as a part of the SCAS community. Parents continually remind their children about basic etiquette such as ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you,’ and not interrupting conversations. Similarly, when children are required to attend Chapel and Assembly, these skills need to be taught. Active listening is about using eyes, ears, hands and feet. As you can imagine, this can be challenging for some of our younger students so we need to reinforce and praise their efforts during these times. For our older students, the goal is to develop the leaders of tomorrow, confident and ethical in their approach to the world around them. Working as a class and being recognised for this effort as a group, creates a sense of harmony and team spirit.

3E were nominated as the inaugural Primary class award for their settled and responsible behaviour in a variety of settings. Stage 1 have been lucky enough to have several assemblies this term and several classes in Infants have already received this prestigious award; 1R, 2M, KN and 1L are to be congratulated. Our mystery teachers will be on the lookout for classes showing respect and responsibility!

Head of PrimaryShannon Rosewood
Head of Primary, St Columba Anglican School
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