Where Does Salt Even Come From?

Picture this…  it’s Friday night when your child informs you of their incredible science lesson, then you recall that dreary voice droning on and on again about theory after theory, blah, blah, blah. Ding, Dong! Unexpectedly, you are interrupted by your weekly takeaway delivery.

The scent of hot potato chips fills the atmosphere as the front door is flung wide open and the doorbell is carried away with the wind. Shiny golden oil glistens on those tasty treats as you sprinkle a mountain of fine grains of salt onto your delicious ‘fish ‘n’ chips’. Only then, you are adjourned by beginning to wonder, “Where does salt even come from?”.

Recently year 6 has accomplished a salt farming and harvesting experiment with great success. Utilising our new found knowledge of thermal insulators and conductors we (all 93 students) managed to farm and harvest our own salt. This process included evaporating water from the salt water solution and treating it, which resulted in leaving behind the salt (precipitate).

Overall, it’s hard to think that our recent science journey of understanding salt solutions and harvesting could not have been any better!

  • By Remy Bucton – Year 6
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