Year 1 History Lesson from the Principal

As part of Year 1’s History Unit ‘Families Past and Present’, students interviewed Mr Muldoon to find out what life was like for him when he was young.

The students formulated lots of questions to ask Mr Muldoon to find out about his life. They found out some interesting things such as that he had a blackboard in his classroom (not an interactive whiteboard!), he dipped his pen into an inkwell for writing, you would be given the cane on your hand if you made a spelling mistake or misbehaved and that his Primary school did not have a canteen, (but they did sell lollies twice a week and his favourite were the boiled lollies!). Mr Muldoon’s favourite toys as a child were his steam train and Meccano set. When he did have a television, it only had black and white pictures! There were no iPads and at home he had to help pick and sort the fruit as he lived on an apple and cherry orchard.

Year 1 students and teachers would like to thank Mr Muldoon for coming to visit and sharing some of his life story. Activities such as this really make history lessons come alive for the students.

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