Year 11 Tertiary Excursion

Report by Tara Quilligan and Brandon Green, Year 11 Representatives

Year 11 camp was awesome. The activities and itinerary were intense but there was still plenty of free time to. We visited four different universities over four days – University of Newcastle, University of Sydney, University of NSW and the University of Wollongong. Each was very interesting in its own way.

The University of Newcastle had a really good atmosphere, but also had a really big mosquito population. They also had a very cool (in Brandon’s opinion) science show showing us all their coolest science experiments. The University of Sydney was big. Very big. It was right in the heart of the city, and their facilities were really impressive and state of the art. A number of our classmates are aiming to study there. The University of Wollongong was also interesting. While the weather was terrible and it took us the longest to get there, the students who guided us around the campus were very engaging, and we connected very well. If you were to ask someone from our year group which Uni they liked the most, you’d most likely hear Wollongong. UNSW was our final stop before we headed home. It was much like the University of Sydney. Many of our year group were very impressed with their law and engineering courses. We were also given other important information, too. Our tour guides at each university talked to us about accommodation, the big move from the country to the city and specific details about courses that some of us were interested in taking.

Other activities on the camp included: Going to World Cup Soccer, seeing a movie, going to Google, checking out NIDA, a super fun dance workshop, late (and early!) food runs to Coles, and shopping in the city. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city. It was exciting, finally considering the future seriously, and talking about it with our friends. It was an eye opener. That future that seemed so far off, the end of Year 12, has caught up to us quickly. Thanks to Mr Hurst and all supervising staff on the trip for helping to prepare us for that.

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