Year 2 Visit Timbertown

On Monday 16th October all of Year 2 visited Historic Timbertown. Upon arrival our group was split up into four groups which enabled us to fully explore the site.

Students were treated to rides on the horse and cart (it was very bumpy and slow) and the steam train ride (Mrs Templeton got to ride up front with the driver). We also had the opportunity to pan for gold, where some of us struck it rich, finding slivers of gold amongst the gravel. The blacksmith showed us his skills by making a small replica horseshoe from a small rod of steel, and we also had time to explore the cottages, school, church, lolly and woodworkers shops and the working saw mill.

By far the most exciting part of the day was trying to pull the bullock team backwards. The boys and girls competed on different teams, and it was hilarious watching the boys being dragged along trying to miss the many sloppy bullock cowpats. Luckily the girls learnt the backup command “Woah back”, yelling it out with all their might so that they didn’t suffer the same fate as the boys.

Many thanks go to the staff at Timbertown and our parent helpers. We had a wonderful and informative day, the experiences of which will enhance our History lessons this term.

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