Year 2 Visits Cowarra Dam

As a culmination of Year 2’s science unit on water, we were lucky enough to enjoy a great day of learning at Cowarra Off Creek Storage Dam.

Year 2 were curious questioners, engaged learners and at times fountains of knowledge as they brought the water cycle to life from its storage, testing, filtration and distribution to our homes.

Port Macquarie Hastings Council’s Education Officer, Kim Freeman, shared many interesting facts about the construction and maintenance of the dam as well as its mammoth size. Having recently investigated length, the depth of the dam at approximately 58m amazed many, as did the dam’s capacity.

Most alarming was the fact that the average person uses 20 buckets of water each day. This was certainly an inspiration for us to be water-wise consumers. Year 2 feel compelled to ponder this information further through some maths investigations.

The serenity of Cowarra Dam was appreciated, as was the additional time spent reflecting on the site’s special Aboriginal significance.

Special thanks to our wonderful parent helpers for their assistance and also to Kim Freeman for sharing so much of her knowledge with us.

Sarah Jones, Stage 1 Coordinator
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