Year 3, 4 and 5 Camps

This week I was lucky enough to travel between the Years 3, 4 and 5 camps. What I saw was an amazing amalgamation of the quality of children that we have at St Columba. They displayed the ideals instilled in them by their parents of grit, tenacity and independence. 

From the few tears (from children and parents) when the children left the comfort of their parents, to the building excitement in the Iona Sports Stadium prior to getting onto the bus, to the encouragement given to each other and the acceptance of challenge during the camp experience, I couldn’t have been prouder of everyone who was involved in this year’s camp program. A big thank you to our providers, Great Aussie Bush Camp and Camp Somerset. We are so fortunate to work with these two professional organisations. This combined effort made for an enjoyable time for all.

I’m sure you would like to join me in thanking all of the staff who spent time away from their families to provide a memorable camp experience for the students. Their tireless dedication to provide a rich outdoor education program is commendable. Our students are supported and encouraged to stretch themselves and venture outside of their comfort zones.  This year’s camps again prove beyond doubt, the reason why the SCAS Primary Camp program is so important for the social and emotional growth of the children involved.

Marten Hilberts
Deputy Director of Wellbeing

Year 3 Campers

Year 4 Campers

Year 5 Campers

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