Year 3 Great Aussie Bush Camp Tea Gardens

Close your eyes and imagine flying through the sky like a bird! You can see the camp from above! Now imagine the thrill of shooting an arrow and actually hitting the target!
Archery and the flying fox were two of the many and varied activities in which our Year 3 students participated during Week 7 at the Great Aussie Bush Camp.

Other activities included an exciting afternoon on the sand dunes where brilliant white sand surrounding an Aboriginal midden gave us pause for contemplation. Still, that quiet did not last long as we got to enjoy running up and down the dunes, squealing with delight.

Students learnt to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zone as they tackled low ropes, harnessed themselves to zip lines at the flying fox and pushed themselves with rock climbing. They learned teamwork, patience and fortitude as they worked together on the giant swing. Some of our students were reluctant to try activities initially, but wanted multiple turns after overcoming their apprehension!

As a member of staff, it was a privilege to watch our students mature, problem solve, attempt new foods and explore new experiences, and come through it with a sense of pride and accomplishment. We are so proud of each one of our students for their grit and determination. For overcoming feelings of homesickness. For leaving a fixed mindset behind and opening themselves up to a growth mindset, where they were not limited to their current abilities.

Our students found it liberating and empowering to be the operators of the booths at the County Fair on-site, and this turned out to be one of the highlights for the children. Staff found it fascinating to learn which children took on leadership roles. Maths, problem-solving, business management and hospitality were explored at the fair activities, as well as good old fashioned fun and laughter.

Parents, we know that you missed your children. Home may have been very quiet for a couple of days. Thank you for entrusting us, the staff, with your precious ones, and for allowing them this freedom and personal growth.

  • Rebekah Erga (Primary Christian Studies Teacher)
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