Year 3 Sleepover

Last Friday, Year 3 students participated in the annual sleepover in the Iona Sports Stadium. Teachers Mrs Gray, Mrs Erga, Mr Harrison, Mr Delaney and Mrs Hall packed their camp beds and pyjamas and awaited the arrival of 80 eager yet apprehensive youngsters back to school for the night. These students were ready to develop their independence by spending what was, for some, their first night away from home.

The night began with students setting up their beds before dinner was served. Staff facilitated fun, active games then the Iona Stadium transformed into a pumping disco scene. As anticipated, tired little bodies were ready for rest so a movie helped them settle into their beds all clad in their cosy pyjamas. It was then the teachers’ plan that little eyes would close and all would rest peacefully. Not so. The excitement of sleeping at school, coupled with the pouring rain on the roof, made sleep difficult for many.

On sunrise (or just before), students had another burst of energy for play. They were served a healthy breakfast before parents arrived to take their children home with many great stories of fun. It was at this stage the teachers went home for a well deserved nap!

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