Year 5 and Year 1 Peer Support Program

In Term 1 our Year 5 students undertook their training to become Peer Support Leaders, and this term and next they will be visiting their Year 1 Buddies to share their knowledge, skills and attitudes around living positively and being optimistic.

The program seeks to provide opportunities for students to identify which areas of life represent personal strengths and how they can feel happier and more fulfilled by taking advantage of these strengths.

Parents can play a key role in assisting their children to identify and use their personal strengths. These can include curiosity, kindness and teamwork, as well as thinking optimistically which is a key protective factor that enhances student resilience and provides a buffer against challenging situations.

The teaching of positive self-talk helps students train themselves to identify the messages they send and to self-correct ones that are not helpful. Such positive emotions enrich students’ lives as their participation rates increase and they experience more joy and greater success.

We look forward to seeing the growth in all the students who participate over the coming months.

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