Year 8 Team Finalists in the National goIT Challenge

Year 8 students Benoy Drenzla, David Jin and Thomas Oram recently entered the 2019 National goIT Challenge.

The competition required the students to explore a range of technologies and their impact on society. These included cybersecurity, social and mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and analytics.

Students looked to solve a genuine need in their community, exploring the use of technologies to complete a design project. Benoy, David and Tom brainstormed many needs within the community that they thought might be viable for their project.

After conducting some target market research, they opted to create a mobile application to raise the awareness of water usage in the local community.

Water Trax is a mobile application that tracks water usage within the household, allowing occupants to monitor their water usage in live time and allow them to see the impact of their excess water consumption on the community.

The app allows users to compare their own water usage to average households, and also clearly identifies the impact on town water storage. These Year 8 students honed their skills using Adobe Creative Cloud and the program Adobe XD to create their design.

The judging panel was extremely impressed with the project’s community focus, technology integration and consideration of the five pillars – mobile, social, cloud, artificial intelligence and analytics.

Benoy, David and Tom will now attend the University of NSW Finalists exhibition and will fly to Sydney on an all-expenses-paid trip on 22 October 2019.  


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