Year 9 2021 at SCAS Virtual Open Evening

Welcome to St Columba Anglican School’s Year 9 Virtual Open Evening.

Here you will find videos from some of our teachers about the elective subject offerings for Year 9 and 10. The curriculum for Year 9 and 10 is flexible and includes a wide range of subjects to choose from. At SCAS we have created a broad and extensive pattern of elective offerings with a large range of academic, creative, and practical opportunities. While you’re here, take a virtual tour around some of our state-of-the-art facilities.

A Welcome from our Principal, Mr Terry Muldoon

Welcome to your future.
Year 9 is where you’ll finally get to make some choices about what you want to learn.
It is a time of opportunity.
It is a time that will allow you to follow your learning passions while developing the skills that will serve you well in senior school and beyond.
It is a time to explore and try different areas.
it is a time when you start to see where your life journey might take you.
It is also a time when you can play sports, design, sing, dance and do all the things that make life worthwhile. 
It is your time to grow and take the first steps into a  great future.
Welcome to your bigger world!

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