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Years 3 to 6 Swimming Carnival 2023

Summary of Events

(Please note that these are approximate times only)

9:30am100m Freestyle
9:45am50m Breaststroke
10:45am50m Backstroke
12:00pm50m Freestyle (8s and 9s)
12:30pm50m Freestyle (10s, 11s, 12s)
1:30pm50m Butterfly
2:25pmChampion of Champions 50m Freestyle Race
2:30pmClean Up and Presentations
Novelty events will be completed throughout the day during the main carnival program.

As this carnival serves as a selection trial for the SCAS swimming team, a disqualification process will be implemented on the day where, at the discretion of SCAS staff, any swimmer who is determined to have gained an unfair advantage will be disqualified. A warning will be provided for minor indiscretions which do not impact the result of the race.

What to wear/bring

Please ensure that your child(ren) have the following items, clearly named:

  • Plain one-piece bathers (girls);
  • Speedos or all in one bathers (boys);
  • School Sports uniform, including correct House shirt (available from the School Uniform shop);
  • Correct sports socks and fully enclosed shoes;
  • School broad-brimmed hat;
  • Sunscreen (coloured zinc is allowed for the face only) for regular application;
  • Sun shirts (optional but recommended whilst not competing);
  • Towel;
  • Swimming cap and/or goggles (optional);
  • Food for recess, lunch and snacks – the Canteen at the Pool will not be open to students. Students should also bring a supply of water (not in glass please);
  • Any First Aid requirements (including medications, strapping etc.).

What not to bring

Please do not bring cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, electronic games, CD players, or any other items of value. Students are responsible for all of their belongings on the day. Streamers are not permitted.

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