Youth Frontiers at SCAS

Youth Frontiers is a government project aimed at students in Years 8 or 9, who have the capacity to benefit from youth mentoring that focuses on leadership and civic engagement. This program involves students working with a community mentor to initiate and enact community projects of their own design and choice. 

St Columba are involved in this program again this year, and this week saw the first meetings of students and mentors held in our new library facility. Students very much enjoyed the interaction and are excited about having a chance to making a tangible difference in our community through this endeavour. We look forward to seeing their projects start to come to fruition.

Zali Clifton, Tegan Secomb and Sarah Rowling are our three ‘project managers’ this year, working with volunteers Roger Mika, Craig Cannon and Michelle McClure. 

~ Mrs Tracy Diplock, Director of Pastoral Care

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