Behind the Scenes with Finn Vicars

As Finn Vicars enters the Dawson Library at SCAS a line behind him begins to grow. A queue of his peers now turned fans ask for his autograph excitedly after watching him on the show Making Child Prodigies last night.

Only moments before, Finn had sat down with SCAS Media and laughed at the idea of having fans that would ask for his photograph. The humble Year 4 student was chuffed just knowing his Nana and her retirement village in Melbourne had been tuning in. However, it seems students from Primary all the way through to Secondary have seen their friend Finn on the screen.

Having so many of his peers watching on could be daunting. However, Finn says the strangest part of it all is, in fact, watching himself.

“I always thought my voice was normal but now on TV it sounds really high, it’s very odd,” Finn laughs.

What happens in TV land sparks the curiosity of many and viewers are often thirsty for the inside scoop. Finn could not give too much away about the series, but he did let SCAS Media in on some of the behind the scenes secrets of being on the screen.

“There was a little bit of scripting but I really liked that because it gave me an insight into how it all works and I think it’s pretty cool,” explains Finn.

As for a career in the entertainment industry, Finn thinks he will stick to science. Yet he did enjoy the perks of being on TV including the opportunity to meet our Prime Minister and the food!

“Every time we filmed we would have a lovely Sunday roast, it was really nice,” says Finn.

The show has opened up some exciting new doors for our Finn including a top-secret project with astrophysicist, Professor Alan Duffy who recently featured on ABC’s Star Gazing Live.

“I have been conversing with him via email about a new type of solar panel that I can’t disclose because the details are secret and I don’t want anyone to steal my ideas. I need to patent it first and then I’d like him to just test it,” Finn explains.

As for some spoilers, Finn is in the same position as the rest of us and has yet to watch the full series.

“We haven’t binge watched it, my family and I are watching it as it comes out on TV,” says Finn.

You can catch Finn on Making Child Prodigies at 8pm, Tuesday on the ABC or on iView.

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