Congratulations Lunchbox Leftover Champions!

After six weeks of learning more about getting kids involved in making their own healthy lunch, we have some great photos of what the kids made here:

Well done to all our healthy Lunchbox Leftovers champions for making our project a great success this term and doing your bit to help fight food waste.

Most of our Lunchbox Leftovers kids and families have learnt lots about what to include in their lunchbox (including yummy healthy wraps) and to stop it ending up in the bin, reducing food waste, saving money and helping the environment. The tips learnt will help them save up to $4000 a year and keep perfectly good food from being wasted. Collectively, we have made a huge difference in the fight against food waste. Thank you for taking part in the program and keep up the great work!

We need all parents of participating students in Years 3 to 6 to complete the post-survey online this week to get some information about your child’s participation in food waste behaviours, including estimates of their total food consumption at school, leftovers taken home and involvement in preparing food to take to school now that we have implemented the Lunchbox Leftovers trial. All Years 3 to 6 students will be completing a student post-survey in class this week.

Thanks again everyone for your amazing efforts.

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