Electricity Sparking a Love for STEAM in Year 5

St Columba graduates will be exposed to many 21st Century skills during their education, and also given the opportunity to develop their agility, creativity and their ability to work collaboratively with others.

From Kindergarten all the way through to Year 12, the integrated STEAM program aims to foster these skills, ensuring that our students are life and employment-ready by the time they move on to the next stage in their lives.

Our Year 5 students have been learning for the future by studying electricity and circuits this term.

Students reverse engineered torches and experimented in converting electrical energy into light, sound and movement. To complete the unit, they have designed a circuit to make a mini acrylic lamp. Students have programmed the laser cutter to personalise the acrylic by using cutting and edging techniques. They then built their circuits on a base with a switch to turn off and on.

Check out their progress!

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