Operation Christmas Child

We have launched our Operation Christmas Child service and ministry project at SCAS for 2019.

In Primary School Chapel the students have heard how the items specially chosen and  lovingly packed in these boxes make such a profound difference to children living in overseas countries whose situation is so far removed from the fortunate lives of our community.

A simple shoe box containing a range of basic but essential items can be life-changing when it is received by a child in a village somewhere far away. Jaki from Guatemala had to share a toothbrush with 10 others. Imagine her joy when she received her own in a Christmas shoebox! Zhenya, from the Soviet Union, had one bar of soap to share between 30 others in the orphanage.  Some countries do not allow children to attend school unless they have their own supplies.

SCAS has been supporting Operation Christmas Child for fifteen years. Should you wish to participate, you may obtain your family’s shoebox via the Parent Lounge tours page. A $10 donation to assist with postage is appreciated. A brochure is inside each box outlining the six essential items (one from each of the important subgroups) that are to be packed. Please ensure that you check the brochure for items which are not accepted due to hygiene or customs regulations.

You are encouraged to involve your children when shopping so they can be part of the joy of selecting the appropriate items. Do let your children know of the great happiness their simple gifts will bring children hundreds of kilometres away from Australia. You can even track your box to its final destination!

In this world, we are all connected by our humanity, and Operation Christmas Child is a most magnificent service and ministry project for the students of SCAS.

So, please join us in bringing JOY by packing your LOVE in a SHOEBOX.

Please visit your Parent Lounge to accept and pay for postage by Thursday 28th June 2019 if you would like your child to participate. Our goal this year is for the St. Columba church and school community to provide 1000 shoeboxes.

Rebekah Erga and Bron Vickers – SCAS Coordinators for Operation Christmas Child

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