Primary School Public Speaking Finals

The Primary School Public Speaking Finals were held in the Iona Theatre on Thursday 5th April. Students had a free choice of topics and these varied from animals, landmarks and locations to caring for the environment. The speeches were very informative  and our congratulations to all our talented participants. We sincerely thank our judges: Mr Terry Muldoon, Mr Stuart Cuckson, Mrs Jennifer Crofts, Mr Bruce Little and Dr Allison Stanfield.

Year 2: 1st Lilyarna Miller; 2nd Riley Hill; 3rd Eva Beard

Year 3: 1st Seth Mainwaring; 2nd Henry Pollitt, Equal 3rd Scout Hodgson & Jack Chambers

Year 4: 1st Levi Beard; Equal 2nd Eliza Rose & Henry Williams; 4th Katie Chambers

Year 5: 1st Adam Hempsell; 2nd Annabelle Pollitt; 3rd Hugh Conaghan; 4th Zalia Rose

Year 6: 1st Tahlia French; 2nd Shalise Lessfield; 3rd Remy Bucton; 4th Mason Bell

The top four speakers from Years 3-6 now have the honour of representing SCAS at the HRIS Public Speaking Competition which is being held at St Phillip’s Christian College Cessnock on the 22nd June.

Students placed 1st in their year group will receive an engraved SCAS medallion at a school assembly and the other place-getters will receive a certificate.


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