Andrew has a passion for Judo

I recently had the privilege of attending the International Judo Federation Level 1 Instructor Course in Melbourne. This was a week long course which required knowledge of the main 100 techniques taught by Kodokan Judo. The course experts included the President of the Kodokan, Mr Mukai, World Champions and Olympic Champions and I am pictured here with one of the most accomplished European Judoka, Mark Huizinga, who has won multiple European medals, a World championship medal and is a three time Olympian, achieving Gold in the Under 90kg division at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. 

The course was rigorous and challenging and culminated in a series of examinations, including a written theory test, kata as well as practical demonstrations of techniques. It was a great relief for me to pass and I am now an accredited Level 1 IJF instructor and a Second Dan Black belt (Ni Dan). 

It is now my aim and purpose to pass this knowledge on to students at SCAS, as well as in the broader community. Judo is a great sport to participate in as it builds confidence, self-discipline and focus whilst learning that in life we should aim to achieve things with efficient use of effort in a way which benefits others. In the words of its founder Kano Jigoro Shihan:

“Judo is the way of using one’s mental and physical strength in the most efficient manner. Through training and practicing techniques for offense and defense, one disciplines and cultivates body and spirit, and thereby masters the essence of this way. Thus, the ultimate goal of Judo is to strive for personal perfection by means of this and to benefit the world.”

Mr Andrew Turner
Secondary Teacher and Level 1 IJF Instructor

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