Breaking News! SCAS Year 4 Invades the Great Aussie Bush Camp Tea Gardens

It all started on a Monday. The camp directors at the Great Aussie Bush Camp thought they would have a relaxed week. Little did they know the students from SCAS were one of the most enthusiastic groups they would ever meet.

After the bus ride to reach their camp, SCAS students raced to secure their place on the top bunks. Many emerged victoriously and those that didn’t made sure they were first in line to get their snow cones.

SCAS students all participated in a large range of activities, nothing would slow them down. Group leaders were impressed as arrows were fired, hitting their targets with deadly accuracy. Students scaled rock walls, refusing to be left at the ground. Next, they were walking high above the ground, scaling a tightrope, supported by their harness. They even braved the giant swing (roughly 10m drop) and the dual flying fox. They wouldn’t be deterred. Many students overcame heights that had the teachers excusing themselves. Finally, the students built shelters in the bush and cooked their own damper over an open fire.

The camp itself went off brilliantly without so much as a hiccup. The students were eager to give their all in every activity, even going so far as to run their own county fair. Whenever the adults sighed in exhaustion the students were there with enthusiasm to keep them moving.

Despite what any student says the best part of camp is, whether it be the beach walk or their crazy disco, the best part of camp was seeing all the students come together, supporting one another throughout all the activities and encouraging each other to do their best and push their limits.

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