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Friday October 29, World Teachers Day

We all have times in our lives when we are faced with completing a difficult task.

We know it needs to be done – has to be done.

We know that it is important, even vital, yet when it comes time to act…….”Nah, I’ll get someone else to do it!”

Here you have the St Columba Principal’s strategic approach to awarding World Teachers Day commendations.

Because in making choices for these awards, I would be faced with:

  • So many worthy professionals;
  • So much hard work and dedication;
  • So many positive and affirming educational relationships;
  • So many goals reached and surpassed;
  • So many innovative and engaging approaches;
  • So much hard work.


So, without the slightest scintilla of guilt, I annually hand over the nomination and selection process of World Teacher Day awardees to the Heads of School.


“Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it . . . .”

In pre-COVID times the teachers from the various systems would gather together at a venue to acclaim their professional peers in an event hosted by the Australian College of Educators and its members.

This year the usual celebration was cancelled and St Columba decided that this event was too important to let slip, and so, with the support of the School Council, we held our own event.

Organised by our SCAS P&F Association and catered by generous parents, a COVID safe gathering of staff acclaimed the following members of their teams on World Teachers Day:

Primary School – Phillipa Catlin (Primary Art) and Amy Halliday (Year 6 Teacher)
Secondary School – Tom Zagami (Secondary HSIE) and Jennifer Tooby (Secondary Science)

We congratulate these exceptional educators for their efforts, their contribution to student learning and the role they have played in the overall growth of our School’s capacity to offer a truly excellent education.

We also acknowledge the work that all our staff have done this year to make St Columba a safe, engaging and exciting place of learning.

Whatever the world has thrown at us, our staff have been prepared to accept extra tasks, complete extra hours of preparation and have been willing to do what is needed to keep our students engaged in learning and feeling cared for.

Professional and Heroic

‘I used to think great teachers inspire you. Now I think I had it wrong.
Good teachers inspire you; great teachers show you how to inspire yourself every day of your life.
They don’t show you the magic. They show you how to make magic of your own.”

Terry Muldoon

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