Lunchbox Makers Keep it Fresh

Keep it fresh!

When you and your kids are packing lunch, think about how to keep it fresh until lunchtime. There are lots of easy, waste-free storage options around including ice packs, bento boxes, flasks, bees wax wraps for sandwiches etc. Using up leftovers for lunch can also be a great way to avoid food waste and very popular with kids – great examples from the Healthy Kids Association can be found here! Good lunchbox options have been reviewed by the Healthy Kids Association here.

Top tips for getting the kids involved!

Snack box/bowl – at the start of the week, put a variety of healthy packet snacks into a box/bowl and the children choose 1 item for their lunchbox each day. Your child gets to choose, but you are in control of how many and what they can choose from. Some good options are popcorn, rice wheels, potato straws and muesli bars.
Crunch sticks – at the start of the week, cut up thick veggie sticks and store them in containers in the fridge. Your child can easily add these to their lunchbox each morning. Kids love munching on these – capsicum, beans, cucumber, carrot and cherry tomatoes.
A helping hand – for younger kids, it can help to prepare the ingredients and lay them out on a chopping board. Then your child can choose from what’s on offer and assemble their wrap/sandwich to their liking. 
Weekend baking – schedule some time together on the weekend to bake some fruit muffins (whatever is in season) for the week ahead. Watch how proud your child will be packing these into their lunchbox!
Seasonal fruit snacking – chat with your child about what fruit is in season and find out their favourites. Make sure these are always on hand during the season and the kids will keep going back for more! Fruit and veg are cheaper and tastier when in season too!

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