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OnStage 2019 HSC Drama Showcase Nominations

Congratulations to the 2019 HSC Drama cohort, who have been nominated for the HSC Drama Showcase, OnSTAGE for their exemplary Group and Individual Performances. OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of group and individual performances and projects by HSC Drama students who have been deemed as exemplary. The OnSTAGE season is performed at the Seymour Centre in Sydney, and is presented by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the NSW Department of Education.

Our nominations are:

Group Performance – “The Game”
Maxwell Burt
Padmini Groger
Kieran Hill
Kelly Maggs-McKay
Christopher Palin

Individual Performance – “The Salesman”
Maxwell Burt

Individual Performance – “These Things Happen”
Christopher Palin

This is an example of the extremely high standard of all students in this class, and a reflection on their passionate and creative teacher, Mrs Catherine Grootenboer, who has spent many hours outside of class time ensuring that these students have had time to rehearse and refine their performances.

Congratulations to all students, who will now submit a video of their performance to the Nominations Committee for possible selection from the range of performances for the final OnStage production early in 2020.

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