Outstanding results in the University of Melbourne Mathematics and Statistics Research Competition

In the world of academic exploration, where the boundaries of knowledge are constantly being pushed, SCAS students have showcased their exceptional skills in the University of Melbourne Mathematics and Statistics Research Competition.

Students were given a set of open-ended research style questions from which they chose one to explore, then employed methods used by professional mathematicians and researchers to investigate their chosen problem. The aim of the competition was to allow students to use their creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills to solve their problem and present their solution as a report or video.

The competition allowed students to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to evaluate how best to ask and answer questions regarding their chosen project. As teamwork is a valuable and essential skill for research, students were given the opportunity to reason and work collaboratively with others. A number of senior students voluntarily completed a research project whilst juggling the demands of Stage 6, demonstrating an exceptional level of commitment.

Congratulations to Arielle Reid, Year 8, who achieved the award ‘Best in NSW’. She produced a five minute video presentation on an optimisation problem with reference to catering a sausage sizzle for a fund-raiser. For her efforts, Arielle receives a $100 gift voucher.

Josiah Blackmore and Ryan Partridge, both in Year 8, achieved High Commendations, placing them in the top 10% of Australia and New Zealand.

In the top 25% of Australia and New Zealand, and achieving a Merit were:
Year 12 – Benoy Drenzla, Tom Prickett
Year 11 – Ali Ashfray
Year 10 – Emma Du
Year 9 – Jane Yang
Year 8 – Nina Alexandrova, Jack Caroll-Fitzpatrick, Jack Chambers, Sam Gumbleton, Bianca King, Zaza Semchyshyn

A big thank you also to Dr Janine Stewart, who mentored these students throughout the development of their reports.

We look forward to their continued success in this competition next year.

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