Primary Public Speaking

The 2022 Public Speaking Finals for Years 2 to 6 were held this week and an appreciative audience listened to a range of diverse and engaging speeches on topics including the dip at camp, why camp should be compulsory, why someone’s hybrid creature (cryptid) should be classified as an actual animal, and messages to the world from stopping bullying to koala preservation.

The Public Speaking Finals are the culmination of a term’s lessons in the library on public speaking manner and method, plus two weeks of speech writing in class to cover speech matter. All nine speakers in each grade were impressive in their stage presence and confidence. The judges had a very hard time choosing just 3 place getters and had a number of tied third places when speakers were too close to call.

It was lovely to have a parent and community audience to encourage the students and provide a real trial for them before the chosen students progress to the HRIS Public Speaking competition in Newcastle on Friday, June 17.  We wish all of our students good luck at this event and are sure they will make the school proud.

Final Placings
2Stella CampbellMolly CurrieTristen Wiseman
3Daniel Lumsden-SmeeLily ZhangMalihah Azeem
4Luke BeardBronte HollinsAnnabel Wellings and Hazel Dunn
5Mabel StrongLiam HigginsSam Buttle and Benjamin Acland
6Emily MattsonFelicity WilsonJolie Massoud and Sienna Everden
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