Primary School Outstanding ICAS Results

The University of New South Wales offers an International Competition and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) in English, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies for students in Years 2 to 12. ICAS assessments have taken place annually in schools for over thirty years and in twenty countries. Educational Assessment Australia (EAA), who design and deliver the assessments, is the not-for-profit arm of the University of New South Wales.

2019 has seen our Primary students achieve the following excellent results. Special mention to Finneas Vicars (Year 5) who achieved a Distinction in the Year 9 Science assessment and Kirsten Hii who was awarded a Medal for her top score in the state for ICAS English.

In our photo above are the following students (left to right) – Charlie Finnecy, Liam Higgins, Milton Finnecy, Benjamin Acland, Kirsten Hii and Iori Chung (Finneas Vicars absent) who were awarded High Distinctions in the ICAS examinations.

Congratulations go to the following students:

ICAS English High Distinction and Medal Winner (Top Score in the State)Kirsten Hii – Year 1
ICAS English High Distinction (Top 1%)
Benjamin Acland – Year 2
Milton Finnecy – Year 2
Finneas Vicars – Year 5
ICAS Mathematics High Distinction (Top 1%) Kirsten Hii – Year 2
Benjamin Acland – Year 2
Iori Chung – Year 2
Charlie Finnecy – Year 4
ICAS Science High Distinction (Top 1%) Finn Vicars – Distinction in Year 9 Science
ICAS Digital Technologies High Distinction (Top 1%) Finneas Vicars – Year 5
ICAS Writing High Distinction (Top 1%) Finneas Vicars – Year 5
ICAS English Distinction (Top 10%)
Willow Luke – Year 2
Iori Chung – Year 2
Charlie Finnecy – Year 4
ICAS Mathematics Distinction (Top 10%)Alexander Pollitt – Year 2
Liam Higgins – Year 2
Henry Pollitt – Year 4
Ryan Partridge – Year 4
Finneas Vicars – Year 5
Lachlan Hodge – Year 5
Roxana Bowan – Year 6
ICAS Science Distinction (Top 10%)Kirsten Hii – Year 2
Benjamin Acland – Year 2
Riley Hill – Year 3
Charlie Finnecy – Year 4
Hamish Conaghan – Year 4

ICAS examinations are available to all students and availability is advised in the SCAS Express.

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