From the Principal

SCAS 2019

Nearly 1200 students, over 150 staff. Here we go again!

Some things have  not changed

“The aim of St Columba Anglican School is to be the most outstanding regional school in New South Wales.  It is the product of the vision of a community – to build a school with access to all who want their children to achieve the highest standards of education and behaviour.”

What is new?

When our students return they will find some changes:

  • The Senior Studies building is moving rapidly towards its March completion date.
  • Stage 1 classrooms have been refurbished, painted and generally “renewed.”
  • New Art Rooms have been completed: One for Primary (our very first specialist Primary Art Room with a specialist Art teacher) and two for Secondary.
  • New staff rooms furnished.
  • Further work on the Iona Performing Arts Centre Theatre.
  • Carpets cleaned, painting done.
  • Gardens renewed (despite the heat).
  • Extra student seating created.
  • Work begun on two new Science labs.
  • Hopkins Building revamped as high level “Mathematics Incubator”.
  • An extra classroom in Rogers Building created.

While They Were Away

Anyone who thought the School has been empty, quiet and “sleeping” during the weeks since New Year is seriously mistaken:

  • Two weeks before the students returned I counted twenty four tradespeople working on the SCAS campus.
  • Eight days before the students arrived I saw six trucks delivering chairs, digital supplies, desks, shelves, bookcases etc. as over 100 teachers met and finalised planning for another great year.
  • Seven days before the students returned we found that we can only just fit all our staff into the Chapel for a meeting and Eucharist.
  • Six days before the students arrived the staff had already completed first aid courses, child protection courses, reviewed 21st century learning practices and had various planning meetings.
  • Five days before the students arrived classrooms were being tidied, new furniture positioned, teaching aids sorted and class lists checked.
  • Four days before the students arrived teachers are working in teams to ensure that this year’s classes are even more relevant and engaging than last year. They are also dodging more furniture delivery trucks and unpacking resources in between meetings.

Sure there will be:

  • Tears in Kindergarten (mainly from the parents).
  • Tight new shoes.
  • Trouble remembering how to tie a school tie.
  • Early starts.
  • Buses!
  • People missing their afternoon nap (some staff as well as the students).
  • Some nervousness.

But there will also be:

  • Friends we have missed for weeks.
  • Lots of holiday stories.
  • New faces to befriend.
  • New challenges.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”   T.S. Eliot

In 2019, we recognise that the world does not stand still (nor will we) , that education continues to have the power to create great futures and that we at SCAS  are ready to ensure that our students have the opportunity to stay at head of the pack!

To our students:

Last year’s triumphs and disappointments are gone now, remaining only as lessons for how you can do better this year.

Being back in uniform means:

  • you get to catch up with your old friends and make new ones
  • you are once again creating your future by accepting the opportunities the school offers you
  • you continue to be part of something big and wonderful, that is this way because you are part of it

To our parents:

Thank you for the privilege you offer us of being a part of your child’s evolution.

Our dedication to making your child’s school experience one of excitement and opportunity remains undiminished.

We look forward to you sharing our vision and values for your children and the potential that will be unleashed through great teaching, great relationships and being a part of a caring community. 

Mr Terry Muldoon
Principal, St Columba Anglican School
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